Red Means Go - House Espresso Blend 250g
Red Means Go - House Espresso Blend 250g

Red Means Go - House Espresso Blend 250g

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House Espresso Blend. A combination of our some of our favourite natural processed coffees, from Brazil and Ethiopia. Rich notes of milk chocolate, gingerbread and stewed fruits.

Notes from Ben:

I've been roasting and blending variations on this blend since 2016 when we introduced it as the house espresso for the coffee house. Brazil is very commonly used in espresso blends, often because many of the important growing regions in Brazil tend to produce coffees with lower acidity, which is preferable for espresso coffee. I have been purchasing coffee from FAF coffees in Brazil for years, and having visited those farms in Sao Paulo state a couple of times, I have noticed that those coffees offer a beautiful creaminess and lovely chocolate and nut notes with brown sugar sweetness. What a treat! 

Ethiopia has always been my favourite origin for coffee, ever since purchasing the first lots back in 2013. Ethiopian coffee offers unrivalled complexity, and for Red Means Go, I select seasonal lots that exhibit flavours on the spicy end of the spectrum, favouring more robust baking spice notes over floral characteristics, for example.

The current components of Red Means Go are Brazil Fazenda Morro Azul (from producer Flavio and son Roberto), and Ethiopia Jimma Gera from producer Mohammed Ali.