250g bag of Peru Gesha roasted coffee from Little Red Roaster
Victor Human Cusi Natural Gesha 250g

Victor Human Cusi Natural Gesha 250g

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Natural processed Gesha varietal from the Junín region of Central Peru. 

Highly fragrant coffee, roasted for filter preparation. Floral character like Parma Violets. Sweet peach tea notes also. Best drunk black.


Notes from Ben:

I bought this coffee during a trip with Leon from Freeman Trading in August last year. it was the standout coffee on the cupping table. We bought it from Kaffee Satipo, a newly formed co-operative founded by Hardy Velasquez, who is a Q grader and all-round coffee wizard. Hardy was hosting three young students on a placement from the University of Angers in France, who had come to Peru to study tropical agriculture. As part of their program, the students were required to undertake a technical study and identify areas where they could improve production in some way. One of the participants was a girl called Blandine, who worked with producer Victor Human Cusi, to improve the processing of this naturals. Blandine helped Victor separate his daily picked coffees, and sort them to ensure a uniform ripeness, and remove defects by washing the whole cherries in a wheelbarrow. The result was an excellent coffee, which scored very highly (87 points), and which we purchased for a record price per pound. Some key things were learned during the project, which will enable Hardy to pass on valuable knowledge to the co-operative members for future seasons.